A Monograph Gathers Dozens of Jolly, Anxious, and Relatable Characters by Artist Jean Jullien

A Monograph Gathers Dozens of Jolly, Anxious, and Relatable Characters by Artist Jean Jullien

Art Design Illustration #books #public art #sculpture “Pepe the Weekender” (2018), made for Lieux Mouvants. Image © Nicole Zezig. All images courtesy of Phaidon, shared with permission It’s easy to recognize the quirky, joyful characters of French artist Jean Jullien. Whether looming over a park or gracing a deck of cards, his dodgy dogs, smirking … Read more

Chris Brown Shares “Breezy” Cover Art & Release Date

Chris Brown’s new album “Breezy” drops next month. Chris Brown’s 10th studio album is officially on the way. Earlier this month, Chris Brown revealed breezy would be arriving just in time for the summer, and he wasn’t lying. Last night, the rapper shared the official cover art for breezy, along with a release date of … Read more

In ‘Forothermore,’ Artist Nick Cave Harnesses the Power of Beauty and Art to Inspire Change

Art #fashion #installation #sculpture #social justice Soundsuits. All photos by Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago, shared with permission From floral Soundsuits and found-object sculptures to a multicolor web of millions of pony beads, Forothermore surveys the 30-plus-year career of artist Nick Cave. The retrospective, which draws its name from “forevermore” and “for others,” opened last … Read more

Your Frieze Art Fair Bingo Card Is Here

Posted inArt It’s art fair season and we’re here to comfort and entertain you during this difficult time of the year with a new, biting edition of our Bingo card series. Democracy is under attack, the pandemic refuses to end, inflation is skyrocketing, social inequalities are getting worse, and climate change is threatening to take … Read more

A new TV show will reveal the truth about Frida Kahlo

A new television series based on the life of Frida Kahlo is on the way. variety reports that the artist’s estate has collaborated with the Miami-based company BTF Media to create a show offering a faithful and more authentic perspective on the artist’s turbulent life. Few figures in the art world have undergone quite the … Read more

‘I’m very conscious of art-washing but we have to bloody well do something’: the show tackling air pollution | Art

DEspite ultra-low emissions regulations, there are still plenty of diesel vans choking up London’s Euston Road, historically one of the most polluted thoroughfares in the country. It is an apt location for an awareness-raising exhibition in the Wellcome Collection, not exactly a breath of fresh air but a bracing, uplifting and potentially reinvigorating exploration of … Read more