Why a strong dollar threatens a fragile stock market, but is a boon to the Fed

Microsoft Corp. isn’t the only US company pointing to the dollar’s surge as a potential problem. A strong dollar has been a hot topic this week since the software giant MSFT and Salesforce Inc. CRM pointed to challenges the currency is causing for earnings. It’s been flagged in other industries too, including by Pfizer Inc., … Read more

These money and investing tips can keep your portfolio shining through the market’s June gloom

Don’t miss these top money and investing features: Sign up here to get MarketWatch’s best mutual funds and ETF stories emailed to you weekly! INVESTING NEWS & TRENDS Stock-market timers have been too quick to leap into the rally — and that’s a risky sign The most typical behavior at the end of bear markets … Read more

S&P Global Is Worried About Lower Debt Issuance. Why the Market Doesn’t Need To.

Text size Corporate debt outstanding by nonfinancial companies is at an all-time high of nearly $12 trillion today, according to Wells Fargo Spencer Platt/Getty Images S&P Global has a gloomy outlook for the primary corporate debt market, calling conditions “extraordinarily weak.” The credit ratings giant cited deteriorating macroeconomic conditions and market volatility for the rapid … Read more

Exclusive: Fed’s Bostic says idea of ​​September pause is not tied to any looming market rescue

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, in an exclusive interview with MarketWatch, said his suggestion that the central bank take a September “pause” in its push to raise interest rates should not be construed in any way as a “Fed put,” or belief that the central bank would come to the rescue of markets. In a … Read more

Fed’s quantitative tightening is about to arrive: What that might mean for markets

The Federal Reserve’s almost $9 trillion portfolio is about to be reduced starting on Wednesday, in a process intended to supplement rate hikes and buttress the central bank’s fight against inflation. While the precise impact of “quantitative tightening” in financial markets is still up for debate, analysts at the Wells Fargo Investment Institute and Capital … Read more