What is a bear market? And is Wall Street close to one now?

NEW YORK (AP) — The bear came close to Wall Street but then backed off. The stock market’s slump this year briefly pulled the S&P 500 into what’s known as a bear market Friday, before a late rally put the index in the green. The prevailing sentiment among investors remains negative, however, so the relief … Read more

Why a strong dollar threatens a fragile stock market, but is a boon to the Fed

Microsoft Corp. isn’t the only US company pointing to the dollar’s surge as a potential problem. A strong dollar has been a hot topic this week since the software giant MSFT and Salesforce Inc. CRM pointed to challenges the currency is causing for earnings. It’s been flagged in other industries too, including by Pfizer Inc., … Read more

Recession Ahead – Right After This New Bull Stock Market

New York City with rainbow in front of distant storm getty Wall Street looks 6+ months ahead, and it likes what it sees. The proof is in the stock market’s behavior: A choppy, rising foundation-build. Why choppy? Because we are in the middle of the negative news that produced the stock market’s large 5-month decline. … Read more

How to Keep Retirement Assets Safe In a Bear Market

iStock/Getty Images In Spanish The stock market isn’t officially in a bear market yet, but some segments of it certainly are. What causes bear markets, and how do they affect older investors who are saving for retirement or already retired? A bear market is, by definition, a 20 percent decline from the most recent market … Read more

US adds 390,000 jobs in May as labor market cools

The ultra high-pressure US job market may finally be starting to release a little steam. That’s the key takeaway from new job numbers that show an extremely healthy labor market that nevertheless seems to be moving toward a less overheated state. Driving the news: Employers added 390,000 jobs in May, the Labor Department said — … Read more

bonds: Wary of equity market, investors turn to PSB perpetual bonds

Mumbai: Rising inflation is seeing investors ducking from the storm in equities market to safe haven fixed-income investments and they prefer longer-dated perpetual bonds sold by state-owned banks with higher yield than similar maturity government securities and popular mutual funds. While these bonds were untouchable for investors after the write-down of value in and Lakshmi … Read more

Investors set their sights on upcoming inflation report as the bear market rally falters

The stock market may try to regain its footing in the next few sessions, even as a fresh inflation report looms large at the end of the week. Stocks struggled to move forward in the past week. With Friday’s sell-off, the major indices were on track to finish out the four-day period with losses. That … Read more

What JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The economy has faced a whirlwind of recent pressures contributing to investment uncertainty and steep falls in the stock market. The market losses at the hand of factors like inflation, the conflict in Russia and Ukraine and rising interest rates has prompted predictions as to what exactly … Read more

Stocks shake off a wobbly start on Wall Street, end higher

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks on Wall Street overcame a shaky start to close broadly higher Thursday, as the major indexes more than made up for their losses earlier in the holiday-shortened week. The S&P 500 rose 1.8%, with more than 85% of the stocks in the benchmark index notching gains. The Dow Jones Industrial … Read more

inflation: History suggests inflation and interest rates have had little impact on market returns in the long term

NEW DELHI: The stock market has seen a lot of volatility due to rising inflation and consequential interest rate hikes. But data suggest that in the mid to long term, they have not been much of a hurdle for the market. Historical evidence suggests that equities have done well after the initial phase of volatility … Read more